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21/08/2012 15:22

Cannes Provence-Alps-Cote D’Azur France

Cannes is located on the Mediterranean coast in the south east corner of France (it is 16 mls W of Nice and its airport. 49 mls NE of St Tropez. 350 mls SE of Paris. 32 mls W of the Italian border). It is set on gently rolling hills set around a broad sandy bay. Cannes was originally a...
13/08/2012 11:10

Chamonix Rhone Alps France

Love it or loathe it, everyone tends to have an opinion about Chamonix. Many argue that it’s the capital of Alpine sport, with its position next to Mont Blanc, awe-inspiring scenery, a beautiful town, the Vallée Blanche, off-piste terrain to test the very best and the Grands Montets in...
04/08/2012 09:07

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Situated on the equator 600 miles off the west coast of South America, the Galapagos Islands were born of volcanic activity that still occurs on the islands today. There are few spots on the planet so untouched by human civilization as the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are an...
03/08/2012 11:15

Valley of the Kings Egypt

The Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt contains many of the tombs of pharaohs from the New Kingdom , including Tutankhamun and Ramesses the Great . The Valley of the Kings actually has two components - the East Valley and the West Valley. It is the East Valley which most tourists visit and...
02/08/2012 09:03

Paphos Cyprus

Paphos is probably the nicest of the major resorts on Cyprus, because it's one of the least developed and boasts arguably the best beach on the island (Coral Beach).    The town's relatively new international airport was built with the specific aim of increasing tourism to this...
31/07/2012 08:55

Varadero Cuba

Cuba’s history is turbulent and the various occupying forces have been the Spanish, the British, the US, and then Spain once again, until in 1902 the Republic of Cuba was created. This area is favoured by the majority of visitors to Cuba probably because of its reputation as a “safe...
30/07/2012 08:51

Santa Lucia Cuba

Santa Lucia really is nothing more than a magnificent strip of beach, the resort area is less than 1 ml long with a few hotels lined up next to each other on the shore. A few bars have sprung up near run-down residential apartment blocks where the surfaced road peters out. With its...
26/07/2012 08:55

Guardalavaca Cuba

Guardalavaca was originally a farming community, horse rearing is still a local speciality although the shoreline area which is about about 1 ml from end to end, abd is now given over totally to tourism. The first hotel was inaugurated in the late 70s by Fidel Castro who swam in the pool....
24/07/2012 08:45

Cayo Coco Cuba Travel Guide

Cayo Coco is located at the midpoint of Cuba’s north coast, (it is 270 mls E of Havana. 65 mls N of the provincial capital of Ciego de Avila and its international airport). It is the Westernmost of the large “cays”, some 400 islands stretching for 186 mls from Santa Lucia in the south east and...
23/07/2012 08:56

Cuba Caribbean Travel Guide

Cuba lies in the northwest of the Caribbean Sea, 90 miles south of Florida, at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico. Almost the size of England, it is by far the largest island in the Caribbean – in fact, at 744 miles long by an average 60 miles wide, it’s as big as all the rest put...



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