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Andros Bahamas Caribbean

13/06/2012 08:58

Andros Island is the largest island of the Bahamas at roughly 2300 square miles (6,000 km²) in area and 104 miles (167 km) long and 40 miles (64 km) wide at its widest point.

Well known for it’s world-class bone fishing and blue hole scuba diving, Andros Island is one of the last frontiers in the Bahamas. Fewer visitors = quiet, uncrowded beaches and a terrific place for quiet and peace. On land, little happens on Andros Island, there are dozens of little settlements with only about 10,000 people dotted around. The people are primarily interested in fishing, catching land crabs in season, hanging out and doing nothing. 
Andros Caribbean
The island is filled with natural beauty. Andros has the second largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere at one hundred and forty miles (64 km) long with a drop off of over six thousand feet (1.8 km. The water above the reef is only about twelve feet (4 m) deep on average too. There are more than fourty square miles (104 km²) of rainforest area and the swamp land that is inhabited by more than 50 species of orchids.
Andros Bahamas
Andros is actually made up of two different islands adjoined by these deep swamp lands. Two hundred different types of birds are native to the island. Andros is also the least explored island of the Bahamas. Road trips around Andros Island can be an adventure in patience. The road conditions are pretty awful in a lot of areas, but there are usually lots of interesting experiences along its stretches.
Andros Bahamas Caribbean

The natural beauty of Andros Island draws thousands of visitors there every year. Anglers come from all over the world to fish there. It is said to be “the bonefish capital of the world”. Divers come to explore the great reef and all of its wonderful coral formations and marine life. There are many hotels and resorts on the island too.



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