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Banyalbufar Mallorca Spain

30/05/2012 08:34

Banyalbufar is a municipality located in the south western Tramutana mountain range on the north coast of the island of Mallorca with an extension of 18.05km2. This town is open to the sea from the Canonge port to the ‘Raco de s’Algar’ and is made up of three wide valleys. ‘Son Coll’, ‘Banyalbufar’ and ‘Planícia’.

Banyalbufar Mallorca

Located on the NW coast, 16 mls NW of Palma by narrow road and 10 mls from Andraitx (21 mls from the airport), Banyalbufar is situated in a steep, elevated valley just above the rugged shore, in wild, magnificent country where mountains meet the sea.

Banyalbufar Mallorca Spain

One of the most recommendable excursions for the visitor to this beautiful location is the Banyalbufar to Canonge port one, quite an easy excursion (apt for all kinds of excursionists) which takes approximately 2.00h; through the so called ‘Volta del General’ this pleasant stroll joins the village of Banyalbufar with the summertime colony of the Canonge port. This route owes its name to F. Cotoner (1811-1888), the first Marquis of Cenia who created it.



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