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Cala'N Porter Menorca Spain

06/07/2012 08:48

Cala’N Porter is located on the S coast, 10 mls SW of the Menorcan capital Mahon, 6 mls W of the airport. The little resort is positioned on undulating ground above tall limestone cliffs indented with coves.

Cala'N Porter

Undeveloped W side; E side crowded with villas and bars.
The little tourist resort of Cala’N Porter is ever increasing in popularity and is much the same as the majority of Menorca’s ‘Cala’ destinations but does have more architectural variety than most, and even something of a village atmosphere.

Cala'N Porter Spain

There are many private villas in the area and some of them are luxurious and large. As a holiday destination, Cala’N Porter does have something for almost everyone but is generally regarded as an over 50′s resort and is most popular with this age group.

Cala'N Porter Menorca
There are relatively few hotels and apartment buildings in middle and budget categories. The beach here very large and dramatic, sandy protected on three sides by high cliffs. Access, by stairs or longer road, requires some effort.
Cala'N Porter Menorca Spain
Activities tend to be based around the beach and visiting some interesting caves and prehistoric stone structures nearby. Nightlife is somewhat unusual as the only significant place is a disco located in one of the caves.
Cala'N Porter Menorca Image

For those looking to ‘eat out’ there is a decent choice of Spanish restaurants and some fast food.



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