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Daydream Queensland Australia

24/05/2012 15:18
Formerly called West Molle Island, it was renamed Daydream Island in 1933 when the original hotel (long since gone) was built on it. One of the smallest islands in the Whitsundays, it measures only ¾ ml by around 200 yds at its widest. It is continental (the top of a submerged mountain) but only reaches a maximum height of 167 ft. About half is covered by tropical forest where wallabies, lorikeets, kuloo birds and sizeable lizards live.
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The hotel accommodation occupies the NE corner and it is only a short distance along a coastal boardwalk to the shops, second pool and resort areas, which occupy the whole of the S tip and where day-trippers can use the facilities.
Daydream Island is located just off the coast of Queensland in the Coral Sea (3 mls NE of Shute Harbour, nearest mainland access port, 11 mls NW of Hamilton Island and its airport, 710 mls NW of Brisbane, 410 mls SE of Cairns, both with international airports). It is part of the Whitsunday group of islands and is also a member of a smaller group called the Molle Islands.
Daydream Queensland
Daydream Island comprises three beaches, composed mainly of broken fragments of smoothed coral, giving the effect of a pebble beach; some small patches of fine, light coral sand. A northern water-sports beach and the smaller western Sunlovers Beach are both flanked by black volcanic rocks. Snorkelling and scuba diving over the coral reef off the beach.
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A few shopping outlets exist at the S end of the resort offer souvenirs, general holiday requisites, child-care items, photographic supplies/developing, swimwear, hair and beauty services etc. Activities on the island consist of: tennis, volleyball, crazy golf, gymnasium, windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling, fish feeding, table tennis, boules, paddle boats and organised entertainments are all included. Motorised water sports incurring a charge are jet-skis, parasailing, water-skiing, (inner) tube rides behind a speedboat, glass-bottomed boats and scuba diving. By night there is a full entertainments programme with live shows, bands etc. Australia’s only outdoor cinema with a liquor licence shows recent releases.
Daydream Queensland Australia
Local excursions include trips to Whitehaven Beach, Airlie Beach, cruises to the Great Barrier Reef for scuba diving or snorkelling, cruise of Whitsunday Islands, game and deep-sea fishing, scenic helicopter flights.



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