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Great Barrier Reef Travel Guide

09/05/2012 08:49
The Great Barrier Reef is one of great vacation destinations of the world and arguably the best loved scuba diving and snorkeling experience on the planet. Not only is it so popular for its expanse and natural splendour, but it also hugs the coast of one of the world’s friendliest places: sunny, tropical Queensland.The Great Barrier Reef is divided into an ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ reef and covers an area of around 1,200 miles, made up of countless reefs, coral cays and islands.
Some islands have resorts, ranging from ‘family friendly’ to exclusive hide-ways. Others are uninhabited paradises where you can pitch a tent under the stars on the beach and hike through rainforest covered hills.
Great Barrier Reef Travel Guide
Great Barrier Reef Travel
The coloured coral expanses just below the surface of the warm, crystal clear tropical waters are home to an unbelievable array of sea life. Your can scuba to the deeper recesses, snorkel just below the dazzling surface, or view the watery wonderland from semi-submersibles and stay bone dry.The Whitsunday’s region alone includes over 70 Great Barrier Reef islands. The Tropical North has more! These are the two main gateways to the reef, but you can get to a part of the reef or an island from almost any point on the coast.
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