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Maria de la Salut Mallorca Spain

05/06/2012 14:00

Maria De La Salut can be found in north east Mallorca (30 mls NE of Palma and its international airport). It is located on a hilltop, surrounded by open countryside. Time seems to stand still in this tiny, sleepy little village, which measures only ½ ml by ¼ with just a few narrow, steeply sloping streets lined with pretty, low-rise houses built of mellow local stone.

Maria de la Salut Spain

The charming central church stands in the village “square”, really an elongated oval with some trees and a few tables and chairs put out by the 2 small cafe/bars. The few visitors that this village does get are attracted by its tranquil, traditional atmosphere. There is only one 4-star establishment situated on the outskirts.

Maria de la Salut Mallorca

There are a few small shops, which are very basic options serving the local community. If you want to shop, Palma is the place to go.
During the daytime activities include relaxing, and exploring the villages and the surrounding countryside.
The nightlife here is pretty much dinner and bed. The night owls will require a visit to the coast or to Palma for a more exhuberant evening.

Maria de la Salut Mallorca Spain
There are only a few restaurants in the village.



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