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Maui Hawaii USA

23/05/2012 08:52

Maui, a top travel vacation destination, is the second-largest island in the Hawaiian Islands chain . The 729 square miles of Maui Island were formed when two volcanoes erupted out of the sea more than two million years ago. Gradually, the power of nature magically created this unique Pacific paradise formed by rain forests, valleys, springs, slopes, waterfalls, sandy beaches , exotic plants and flowers, beautiful birds, and many other tourist attractions. Tourism peaks in the winter months from November to March – this is when mainland Americans, in particular retires, take their extended winter break. In these months, accommodation can be booked-out well in advance. Winter is also the peak season for surfing and whale watching making the north shore of Oahu and Maui popular destinations.

The summer months are drier and slightly warmer (about 30 O C), the seas and surf are generally calmer and this is the Hawaii holiday season popular with families. The low seasons when hotel prices are most likely to be discounted is between April-May and September-October.

This island caters for the affluent executives, golfers, families, corporate groups, honeymooners, couples of all ages, and singles.
There is a wide choice of accommodation, from oceanfront luxury options to condominiums and B&Bs, plus a few camping grounds thrown in for good measure. Rates range from the price of a meal to the price of a small second-hand car! The beachfront area is the most popular and expensive.

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Maui is an island in the central Pacific Ocean, almost on the Tropic of Cancer, 20 to 30 mins’ flight from Honolulu international airport via inter-island airlines.
There is a Wide selection for the shoppers, from kitschy souvenirs to unusual, quality gifts and luxury goods. There are shopping centres/villages in Napili, Kahana, Kaanapali, Lahaina, Kihei, Wailea and Kahului-Wailuku.
Makawao has good boutiques and art galleries. Most hotels have beachwear, souvenir, art and jewellery shops ? some of them world-class. Local artists display in Maui’s popular galleries.

During the daytime there is good snorkelling, especially in the island’s protected marine reserves . Also Scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing and jet-skiing. Good surfing can be found on the Kihei-Wailea coast, but can be a bit rough in winter. There is the Maui Ocean Center, a marine centre and aquarium. There are 15 golf courses on the island.

The nightlife on the island consists of the Maui Myth & Magic Theatre (in Lahaina) hosts a world-class Broadway-style musical based on the history of Hawaii. There are Bars and clubs in Lahaina, some with live music, other options dotted around the island. Most large hotels offer live entertainment, including Hawaiian evenings.

Maui Hawaii USA
There are hundreds of restaurants at all price levels. Best restaurants generally in luxury hotels, with notable exceptions in Lahaina. There is a good selection of Japanese, Thai and Korean, and Pacific Rim cuisine.



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