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Paguera Mallorca Spain

05/06/2012 15:23

This is a compact resort with a bustling, thriving, occasionally chaotic, atmosphere, with tourists and traffic competing for limited space. A bypass takes some traffic away from the resort so the main coast road, which is packed for most of its ¾-ml length with shops, bars and restaurants, is slightly easier to negotiate than in the past.

There are quiet, winding residential streets on the uphill side, where most of the hotels are located, although parking is a problem even here. A small park with pine trees, near the tourist office, has a fair-sized water slide.

Before the growth of the tourist industry on the island during the 1960′s, Paguera was originally a tiny fishing village, however, the last 40 years has seen it develop and grow, into a popular modern tourist resort with plenty of restaurants and facilities.

Paguera Spain
It is a lively, crowded resort favoured by German visitors who make up the vast majority here. It would be regarded by most as being of superior quality to, say, Magalluf, but equally it is not ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. The traffic and hills make it less than ideal for the elderly or disabled.

The accommodation here is more hotels than apartments, which accounts for the large numbers of bars and restaurants. There are a few good-class 4-star establishments but most are in the middle order.
Paguera is on the south west coast of Mallorca (14 mls W of Palma, 20 mls from the airport). It is sitated on undulating land on the margin of a broad, south facing bay, and is sheltered behind by steep, wooded hills.

Paguera Mallorca

Beaches are mediocre with the better beaches situated on the east side. Those in the central bay area are very narrow and crowded but shallow, equipped with pedalloes and good for children. All of the beaches are of moderately fine, light sand.
During the daytime the most populat activities are water sports and golf at the 2 golf clubs nearby.
The nightlife here is several small-scale disco/bars and nightspots. There are entertainment and shows in the hotels.
There are bistros, pavement cafes, seafood and general restaurants in particularly generous numbers.

Paguera Mallorca Spain
There are dozens of souvenir shops and an adequate provision of minimarkets should meet most needs. Behind the promenade there’s a long shopping street know as locally “El Bulevar”, and it’s here where most of the restaurants and bars seem to be concentrated. Paguera has an excellent selection of souvenir shops and Spa type supermarkets, which are supported with others selling local arts and crafts and famous designer label clothes.



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